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£100 fine for man who stopped to pick up his credit card at East Midlands Airport
He was spotted by a parking patrol vehicle

20 JAN 2021

John Wood said he wouldn't use East Midlands Airport again

A pensioner who stopped for 30 seconds to pick up his dropped credit card after paying to leave East Midlands Airport was surprised to get a £100 fine.

John Wood, 72, was using the pay machine at the exit the short stay car park when he dropped his card on the ground after paying, DerbyshireLive reported.

The barrier swung open so John, not wanting to miss the chance to exit the car park, quickly drove through, stopped, and then went back on foot to retrieve the card, soon finding it in the dark, picking it up and returning to his car.

A camera van patrolling the site searching for people stopping illegally saw John’s car and took a picture. A week later he received a £100 fine for breaking the parking rules.

The picture sent with the fine

After the incident, on November 4 last year, John attempted to appeal against this fine, but was told that as there were signs up stating there was no parking there was nothing he could do about the fine.

"I paid the fine, ‘put up and shut up’ but it's a ludicrous situation.

"I wouldn’t say I was stopped for more than 30 seconds and nobody has managed to suggest to me what I was supposed to do. Should I just leave the debit card lying in the road and drive off?"

John, who is retired and previously owned an aerospace company, said the whole experience had put him off using East Midlands Airport completely.

"I won’t be using East Midlands again unless I have to."

East Midlands Airport, after being contacted by DerbyshireLive for a comment, reviewed the footage of John's fine and has chosen to revoke it.

A spokesperson from East Midlands Airport said: "Having further reviewed the circumstances in which Mr Wood received a parking notice, Vehicle Control Services, which enforces parking on red-routed airport estate roads, has agreed to cancel the parking charge and reimburse him. We apologise for the inconvenience that this has caused him.

“The safety of people visiting East Midlands Airport is of paramount importance and controlling the traffic flow across the airport site is key to this.

“For this reason, airport estate roads are red-routed and “no stopping” signage is clearly visible to discourage drivers from waiting in undesignated parking areas when dropping off and collecting passengers."

VCS said it did not "consider it necessary to comment further".


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