Author Topic: Fury as driver 'fined' for stopping at junction near East Midlands Airport  (Read 472 times)

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Fury as driver 'fined' for stopping at junction near East Midlands Airport

The driver has been involved in an ongoing dispute for a year

Andy Hargreaves and his son Luca have been involved in a long running dispute with VCS after issuing a fine when stopping at a give way junction near East Midlands Airport

A driver and his father have been left livid after claiming they were given a parking fine for stopping at a Give Way junction near East Midlands Airport.

Andy Hargreaves says he has been involved in a long-running dispute with parking monitoring company Vehicle Control Services (VCS) following the bizarre incident involving his son Luca, which took place in February last year.

A few weeks later he said Luca received a letter from VCS who issued him a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) for allegedly illegally stopping his BMW off Beverley Road, close to East Midlands Airport, for around 16 seconds.

The letter accused Mr Hargreaves (Luca) of "stopping in a zone where stopping is prohibited" and demanded a payment of £100.

But Mr Hargreaves's father Andy appealed the PCN decision, on Luca's behalf, stating the firm were disregarding that there is a give way sign at the junction.

He argued the pictures used in evidence against his son do not show the give-way sign next to the car, which is why the car stopped and that it was also a very rainy day where driving conditions were more difficult than normal.

The pictures used in evidence also shows the car's brake lights on - suggesting the car did not deliberately stop to drop someone off or pick someone up.

In 2019 numerous drivers wrote to Derbyshire Live stating they had been issued PCNs for "stopping" at a petrol station close to the same airport.

However despite the Hargreaves' pleas, VCS refused their appeal insisting the PCN was justified, and then wrote another "intimidating" letter demanding a payment - this time of £160 - and threatening court action if failure to pay.

Andy was then notified of the recent and well publicised parking fines near East Midlands Airport over recent years and called Derbyshire Live to help investigate.

He said: "I think it's just madness. It's laughable.

"After a monthly exchange with VCS for little over a year they notified me by email that the appeal was unsuccessful and the amount of £60 was due.

Andy Hargreaves and his son Luca

"They also specifically state that bylaws are not in place on the road network and my appeal that the car being stationary at a road junction with a give way sign was not relevant.

"It was deemed stopped in a zone where signage specifically states no stopping is permitted.

"But I don't understand why anyone would ignore a give-way sign. What you supposed to do just carry on and risk an accident just because it's a No Stopping Zone?"

Mr Hargreaves, who lives in Loughborough, also stated his unhappiness that the whole parking saga had taken more than a year without a conclusion.

But after being approached by Derbyshire Live on the matter, parking firm VCS said they would cancel the fine - bringing an end to the dispute.

A representative for Vehicle Control Services Ltd said: "On reviewing the circumstances of the parking charge we have decided to cancel it. We can only apologise that this was not done sooner."

Speaking in response to VCS's response, Mr Hargreaves said he was delighted that Derbyshire Live helped him and his son out.

He added: "I always thought the fine was unjustified - it's a shame it needed to go on for a year and it needed the press to investigate. I can only thank Derbyshire Live for investigating and I am extremely grateful."


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