Author Topic: Does this mean Lambeth council's PCN wording makes fines unenforceable?  (Read 530 times)

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It would appear that someone has spotted a fatal error in the wording of Lambeth council's moving traffic PCNs.

N.b. it says nothing about parking PCNs, but if anyone could get their hands on one it would be interesting to see if it has the same (purportedly fatal) error.

Here is the suggested wording for your appeal against the ticket:

Dear London Borough of Lambeth

The Penalty Charge Notice issued in this instance gives both the 28 day and the 14 day payment periods as starting from the date of service of the notice, but under the applicable legislation these periods run from the date of the notice, not the date of service.

This is a material departure from the requirements of the statutory scheme, as a result of which the PCN may not be enforced.

Yours faithfully


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