Author Topic: Lambeth couple hit with £2k of incorrect fines for driving in low traffic zone  (Read 468 times)

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Lambeth couple hit with £2k of incorrect fines for driving in low traffic zone when they're exempt

June Lord and Darren Grimes have had 18 wrongly issued fines from Lambeth Council over the streets in Streatham

ByRobert FirthLocal Democracy Reporter
16:04, 8 APR 2024

June Lord said she had been left exhausted by appealing the incorrect fines

A disabled mum and her ill husband have been slapped with £2,340 in incorrect fines by a council for driving in a controversial low-traffic zone. June Lord, 45, and Darren Grimes, 52, have received 18 wrongly issued penalty charge notices (PCNs) from Lambeth Council for using roads near their home in Streatham, South London.

Since autumn 2022 motorists have been banned from turning down certain streets in the area as part of a scheme which aims to make walking and cycling safer. But mum-of-three Mrs Lord and her husband, who both suffer from multiple chronic illnesses, have a blue badge exemption for two streets, Hillside Road and Rosedene Avenue, which allows them to drive down them.

Despite this, over the last 18 months they’ve received 18 letters from the Labour-run council threatening them with £130 penalties for using the roads. Mrs Lord, who suffers from chronic fatigue syndrome and joint dislocations among other illnesses, said: "I'm fighting to drive down my road. I don't understand why they [the council] can't get it right.

Hillside Road in Streatham, South London - one of the streets the couple have received a fine for driving down

"On Saturday I went out and came back and there was another one sat there. We have to fill out a form online to appeal them. Some days I haven't got the energy to be doing that. I have nerve pain and I don't want to be typing it out.

"We worry about missing something. When you are suffering from health problems you don't want to be on high alert. Last year we went away on holiday. You think, what if we miss one while we are away?"

The couple's nightmare began in late 2022 shortly after the council launched the Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood. They received nine incorrect PCNs in the first two weeks, but these were cancelled after Mrs Lord emailed deputy council leader Rezina Chowdhury explaining the problem.

Months passed without any letters and the couple had almost forgotten about the issue when they received another incorrect fine through their letter box. Since then the PCNs have not stopped arriving.

Mrs Lord and her husband have been snapped 18 times by cameras in the Streatham Hill low traffic neighbourhood

Mrs Lord said: "I'm struggling. I have got three outstanding [fines] that I can't face filling in the form to appeal. It's taking a lot longer to hear back from them when we submit an appeal and I don't know what else to do."

A Lambeth Council spokesperson said: "We have reviewed the PCNs and will investigate why they were issued. They will be cancelled and we apologise for the concerns raised."


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