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Croydon Council’s Penalty Charge Notice fiasco
« on: 05 June, 2024, 10:02:22 AM »

Croydon’s PCN fiasco: Perry’s council is in another fines mess

Posted on June 4, 2024 by insidecroydon

Despite solemn assurances from senior council staff and the borough’s executive Mayor, piss-poor Jason Perry, some motorists claim that they have been served with demands for £195 fines or threats of a visit from bailiffs – without ever receiving the usual, required warning notice for an offence. And people who want to challenge this are unable to do so – with emails to the council ignored, and phone lines unanswered.

Inside Croydon was first to report the concerns of many of our readers, as they were hit with the demands. The issue was originally dismissed as a minor “computer glitch” – the council’s description, not ours – as the council failed to send the initial Penalty Charge Notice for motoring offences in October and November 2023.

If the system is working correctly, any motorist who has committed an offence should receive an initial notification, which has to be paid within 28 days, and an opportunity to pay a lesser amount, usually £56, but to do so within 14 days.

Obviously, anyone who doesn’t receive the initial notice is denied such an opportunity.

Earlier this year, thousands of motorists, from inside and outside the borough, were affected, and after the briefest of investigations, the council was forced to admit its error and cancel the fines. Firm assurances were issued by Mayor Perry and his lackeys that the council’s programming problem was all fixed and it wouldn’t happen again.

Candid cameras: Croydon drivers are not receiving their initial warning PCN letters. Again

Except that it seems to be happening again, and repeatedly.

Several readers have contacted Inside Croydon over the past month to relate that, just as before, they’ve had a £195 fine slapped on them without any prior, and legally required, notification.

This could be just the latest expensive error for the council under £192,000 per year chief exec Katherine Kerswell, and comes after iC exposed the council as issuing PCNs and other legal notifications carrying the signature of a senior official who had left their job at Fisher’s Folly nine months before – in another potential breach of its legal obligations.

One very worried motorist contacted this website saying, “The PCN fiasco continues.

“Croydon Council has clearly not fixed the problem that occurred last year.

“I have received two separate Charge Certificates demanding £195 dated March 19 and June 1 respectively. And I did not receive the original notice for either.

“Needless to say, I emailed the council immediately and received the automated reply that I only have to wait 56 or 90 days for a reply, but bailiffs will continue to act in the meantime.

“I also registered a complaint on their website for both and followed up with a phone call today only to be told I need to email the council (again) as the parking charge department is not answering phone calls!”

The fines are being issued as a result of the council’s Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Other readers have suffered similar shocks, and wrote: “Am I the only one? Or are there others out there?”

Perry’s cash-strapped council depends on around £1million per month income from fining motorists for driving up the wrong street at the wrong time of day, and other CCTV-generated infractions. The practice is all entirely legitimate, and used to deter motorists from using residential streets as rat runs or driving down school streets when children are in the area.

But issuing the correct paperwork, at the correct time, is a vital part of the council’s administrative task, and one where, yet again, they appear to be failing.

Of course, if you have received a dodgy fine from the council without the initial warning letter, you can contact us with your story by emailing


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