Author Topic: Email to Apcoa/Southwark: Why enforce outside a school that's closed?!  (Read 1892 times)

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I wonder if this will get any sort of explanation ;D

Dear Sirs

I observed one of your mobile CCTV units parked opposite Alleyn Junior School today (2:30-3:30pm approx, 06/04/11). Whilst maintaining safety outside schools is paramount and laudable,  I am puzzled why this location should be chosen at this particular time given that the school is on break. Many others locally were not, so the car usefully  could have been employed to make those children safer.

During the time of observation, there appeared to be no need to enforce the zig zags outside the school as there was ample unrestricted parking right outside, thus no likelihood of illegal parking or any pupils to be put at risk. No vehicles attempted to stop, even though the CCTV car was obscured by a large van.

Local enquiries showed there was in fact a conference due to start in the school, which might have generated some traffic. However, the first delegate arrived by car around 3:30, just as the CCTV car was leaving, so this cannot have been the reason for its presence. Rather than enforcing any traffic or parking regulations, the operator seemed more interested in tracking my movements as a pedestrian and pointing the camera, with the pole, fully extended towards the school sports hall. I have no idea if the hall was in use but there was nothing enforceable in that direction, so it does make one wonder what he was spying on?  Local residents were unable to cast any light as to what useful purpose it was serving, although some local tradesmen alleged that the crews used this spot for a quiet nap. We will keep an eye on this and let you know.

As a Southwark council tax payer, I would be most interested to know how this use of my money is justified. Not doubt there is some greater purpose that I have missed, so I lok forward to your explanation.

I am concerned that some of your staff and crews might misunderstand our intentions or be concerned for their safety. NoToMob are here to help prevent offences and optimise road safety in the spirit of Cameron's Big Society. If anything, our presence aids the safety of the crews. For example, one of our volunteers intervened today on Southampton Row when a member of the public began remonstrating with the CCTV car's driver. He reminded him that the driver was only doing his job and that any issues should be taken up with yourselves, not him. As you know from our Statement of Intent, we have a strict code of conduct that ensures our members stay within the law and encourage others to do so.

Yours faithfully

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Why enforce outside a school that's closed?!

Because they can, of course!

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So easy money.... !

Normal people would think: Hum Zig zag lines... Can not park here... Hum wait a minute!

Of course this is Half term... No kids today. It won't cause any danger to anybody as the school is closed!

But the naughty Shunt cars are here to make us pay.
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