Author Topic: Medway $chunt Report 08/04/11  (Read 1392 times)

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Medway $chunt Report 08/04/11
« on: 09 April, 2011, 12:29:48 AM »
Hi guys,  ;D .............. just a short report,

Its be a very busy day for me, and my phone hasn't stop ringing :o 8), but it's all positive  8) W:T:F:, I just had time to down my honey on toast and have a cuppa, go out for the evening $chunt,..... I arrived at the pen and just got off my bike and Kiwi turns up :dancing: followed by Tomster  :dancing: and then Spica  :dancing: Whooo! had a chat with a member of the  public, but had to cut it short because, the $car's appeared, so of we set off to assist it, after a little hic up at he lights (cough, not us) we ventured to Gillingham and spent evening going round and round  :rotfl:  There seems to be a complete change of tactic's this week, I'm waiting on my friend  ;) ;D :pmsl::P.....Think Kiwi was very impressed by the public support down here  :aplude: :dancing:
We $chunted for an hour or so and then noticed the headlight of the CCTV $car was out, so I let him know (PUBLIC SAFETY FIRST ;D), Spica stayed on him as I thought they maybe going back to the pen, whilst waiting at the junction to turn left, another $car goes past, Whooooo I take that one followed by Kiwi and Tomster, We headed around the Small Street's in Gillingham, which I enjoy, because I get to practise tight little corner's and besides I'm always good and getting out of them! (just not hills! :P) :pmsl:
Later I get a message from Spica to say where he is and we decide to go and join him, It look like the $cars headlight was working again, and then it stopped again, so the $car headed back  towards the pen, we saved plenty of people by assisting  the car to meet it's 100% compliance tonight, back at the pen for around 8.45ish, and thats where we met up with Piggy, (nice chap :D) Then we went to Kentucky, which was very welcome indeed  :D

Thank you ...Tomster, Spica, Kiwi,  :aplude: :aplude:

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Re: Medway $chunt Report 08/04/11
« Reply #1 on: 10 April, 2011, 03:43:10 PM »
Public support  :dancing: :dancing: :dancing: :dancing:  well its like been on stage in Medway , i thought i had seen it all before , that play rocks!! :aplude: :aplude: :aplude:  , MG and all SCHUNTERS of Medway you have done a fantastic job  ;D  next time i will bring my cape so i can fit in :pmsl:
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