Author Topic: Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11  (Read 1559 times)

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Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11
« on: 09 April, 2011, 06:58:17 PM »
Hi guys,                      What a day!   ;D

I had to nip to Rainham to drop my boy off and whilst waiting at the Tosca roundabout I get a toot beside me (blues) and they tell me, the "$car is in Gillingham"  :pmsl:, I told them "IL be with it soon enough"  :-ev-: just as I dropped of my boy off, Blinky, phones and tells me our (friend) is waiting already early I make my way to the pen, where I find also that SKuzzball is eagerly waiting for her first $chunt Whoooo!  ;D...2 mins later and marmite and DD turn up, followed by before we set off I need to nip to morrisons for convenience, I turn on my ignition on and there was nothing, except limp lights! :o. We left it for a bit and the the guys gave me bump start :aplude:. I set off for morrisons & Blinky follows me in case, and I leave it running whilst parked for 1 Min, when we return to the pen, it just stops :o, ... :'( so we now have to plan around this, and  I go pillion with Marmite and (our friend goes with Tomster)

One $car returns to the pen, that now means an hours waiting for all  :bashy: still 10/10 to SKuzzball for hanging on, time was running out for Blinky as another appointment was coming up, Then the $car decides to show, so were off, a few Min's later and our friend has what he needs from Blinky, so they split. I think SKuzzball enjoyed it very much  ;D, Well we carry on to Chatham to yet the same honey pots again and again which was noted by our friend, and I duly explained why  >:( they do this!  :-ev-:
We had a successful $chunt and our target was achieved  :aplude: although we did lose the car at one point at a set of lights (where's my bike Grrrrr :bashy:  ;D) and I then called Spica up to me,,  :-ev-: we had a cunning plan  :-ev-: and Whoooooo found the $car about 4 Min's later in Gillingham  :dancing: and we happily carried on assisting it  :dancing:  2 hours + The car stops only 4 times, a very expensive taxi! (and I think Marmite has learnt how eager I am to assist Sssshhh  :pmsl: sorry  Marmite ;D) The last stop was at block buster, where they stopped awkwardly on D/yellows to enforce, they don't perform like this when we not were not with  them, they sit nice tucked up right by the top of blockbuster about 300 yards back ......fact because other's including myself have seem them there when not assisting. Anyway we then lost Tomster, so I phone him and say we heading back to the pen, where Tomster was already waiting ;D  I now feel a great sympathy for pillions when shunting, it hurts! :pmsl: I'm off home for lunch after being bump started again  :bashy: , I try the bike again and she starts fine, im stratching my head,and Coca rings in so I invite him round for tea
 (Us English.... tea, its what we do ;D) Coco and myself then headed back to the pen at 4.00

We meet the other $chunter's from 4.00 to 4.30 as they stream in and this is where we have our coffee afternoon  :pmsl: and $chunters all came down from the smoke, just for coffee  ;D, It was so good to see the guys  again whoooo.....I would like to say I'm very grateful for all the effort put in today by all the $chunter's, it was a great success, and an awesome $chunt  ; thank you all........ :dancing: simply amazing  :dancing:

Spica,  :aplude: DD, :aplude: Marmite, :aplude: Blinky,  :aplude: Tomstr,  :aplude: SKuzzball  :aplude: DDs daughter  :aplude: Coco  :aplude: Kill Switch  :aplude: Pepperami  :aplude: DD  :aplude:

MG ;D  wasnt the coffee nice ?  :rotfl:
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11
« Reply #1 on: 09 April, 2011, 10:15:45 PM »
was a great seeing everyone today and well done all.  8)  what a cunningly cunning plan mg  :aplude: :dancing: :dancing:
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11
« Reply #2 on: 09 April, 2011, 10:33:58 PM »
Well done all you Medway schunters  :aplude: :aplude: :aplude:

  It was great seeing new faces over coffee  :rotfl:, i know killswitch enjoyed his coffee as he never had to share it with anyone  :rotfl:

I will return, as i posted eariler somewhere,  and not just for the bacon butties made by bacon butties.  :rotfl:

 :aplude: :aplude:
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11
« Reply #3 on: 10 April, 2011, 11:45:45 AM »
Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I thought you $chunters were supposed to be observant....I had tea.. :rotfl: :rotfl:

Yeah it was nice to see some regulars and to meet some new faces, keep up the good work down there, you are rapidly becoming the bench mark that others will aspire to  :aplude: :aplude: :aplude:
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Re: Medway $chunt Report 09/04/11
« Reply #4 on: 10 April, 2011, 03:37:21 PM »
Well done all  :aplude:
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