Author Topic: Medway $chunt report 18th Oct 2011  (Read 2473 times)

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Medway $chunt report 18th Oct 2011
« on: 19 October, 2011, 09:47:57 PM »
Hi guys, short report

Well what a night, set off from the pen with Headlong cabbie, BFG, Tomster and NEALR (AKA Shedman),  boogie box on the blast, Headlong doing his schunters shuffle :pmsl: caught BFG bopping away to the sounds as well in my mirror, although his doesn't know, that we saw him :rotfl: ( he told me tonight that why he was at the back  ;D)

Went and toured Gillingham for a while, and said to nealr the other $car may be out, just as I said that! We left Gillingham and went on to Chatham with our $car,, there was the second car Still sitting at the bus station enforcing nothing!!!

We stayed with our car and assisted for the best part of the evening, then went on to Rochester High St (very popular  :-ev-:) we seem to have a police escort with the car for a while, (he must have been new <_>) but he didn't stop us, he just look a little like  W:T:F: W:T:F: W:T:F: W:T:F: W:T:F:  :pmsl:   any way we all peeled off at different points,,, Medway Job done see you soon  ;D