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We may need to go $chunting over there again ;)


Overzealous parking wardens accused of 'causing trouble' for small businesses

Twaled Jooman says his customers are being unfairly ticketed by the council's parking officers because they are loading and unloading. Blackhorse Lane,

 Overzealous parking wardens in Waltham Forest are causing problems for small businesses, a shopkeeper has claimed.

In recent months people visiting Armstrong Hi Fi in Walthamstow have been given parking tickets ‘within minutes’ of entering the shop.

Owner Twaled Jooman has been in Blackhorse Lane for 35 years, and says the problem seems to be getting worse with people being ticketed for the last two weekends.

Mr Jooman said those who have been given the penalties have used the unloading bay outside of the shop when they are delivering or collecting big items such as televisions.

“In the councils own guidance it says people can leave the car for five minutes when unloading,” Mr Jooman, 68, said.

“They are going against their own rules.

“For the last two Saturdays people have come in and dropped something off, by the time they have filled in the paperwork they have a ticket.

“I went out and told them they are breaking their own rules, and they just say I have to appeal it.

“They said they can’t be unloading because their boot wasn’t open, it’s madness. People don’t want their things stolen that’s why their boot is shut.”

Mr Jooman believes people will be put off attending the shops along the road.

“This council says it supports small businesses – but it doesn’t look like that,” he added.

“People are going to be put off coming to my shop if something doesn’t happen.

“I sent letters for my customers and the council say they never got them. I don’t know where else to turn.

“People are not breaking the rules, they are.”

Some customers have been ticketed by wardens and some by the council camera car.

“Their car parked up to take a picture, they weren’t unloading.

 “It is the same for the other shops around here. Something has to be done.”

The council has been asked to comment.


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If this sort of thing carries on, some of these towns will end up as derelict wildernesses with nothing left but the council offices.