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Abuse and no ticket?
« on: 24 September, 2012, 02:58:03 PM »
Just had an incident occur next door to my parents place in Sidcup today.

First I have to say while travelling there I drove along Cray road Footscray to observe a scar watching the unrestriced bays  opposite Waring Road, WHY?

While the incompetent is all tucked up there, someone in a BMW decides to park on a double yellow line in a street adjacent to Sidcup place, when asked to move the female, who had a baby with her let go a tirade of foul chav abuse and chased the person with even more abuse.

During this occurrence a CEO walked down the other side of the road seeing all what went on and totally ignored the vehicle parked on the double yellow.

When we called the parking department to complain they told us this is an enforcement line we do not deal with separate issues, SO WHAT EXACTLY DO YOU DO.

Also will the penalty charge be deducted from his wages as now hard up Bexley are down one PCN.

So now Bexley have decided to take the double standards parking route or have they been doing that since day one. 
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